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  • How do I use Permanent Cl@ve?

  • What do I need to activate my Permanent Cl@ve username?

  • How do I choose my password? Requisites to register my password

  • How do I use my Permanent Cl@ve username/password?

  • When should I expect an SMS?

  • I did not receive an SMS, what do I do?

  • I forgot my username and/or password, how do I recover them?

  • I want to change my user and/or password, how should I proceed?

  • To activate my username, I am requested to provide my activation code, but I also have to answer a security question. Why?

  • I have already registered and I have an activation code, but every time I try to activate my username I get the following message: "User not registered"

  • I already have an username/password provided by the Your Social Security site or by the Social Security office. Can I access electronic services provided by other administrations using said username/password?

  • I am accessing a Social Security service with an username/password (for example, Your Social Security site) and I was offered to join Cl@ve. Why?

  • Up until now, I used to access the Your Social Security site or certain services of the Social Security site using an username/password provided by the Social Security administration. Now the Cl@ve logo appears. Why?

  • Now that I can access certain services of the Social Security office with the Permanent Cl@ve identification/authentication service, why can't I access with the PIN Cl@ve service?

  • I cannot solve my problem and I need additional assistance