Cl@ve Signature - Cl@ve

  • Cl@ve is an Identification, Authentication and Electronic signature service common to the whole State Public Administration Sector, based on the use of set keys, pursuant to provisions in article 13.2.c) of Law 11/2007, of 22 June, on the electronic access by citizens to public services.

  • The body in charge of issuance and custody of users' centralised digital certificates for the Cl@ve System will be, within the limits of their competences, the Directorate General for Police (DGP), pursuant to Organic Law 2/1986, of 13 March, on State Security Forces and Royal Decree 1553/2005, of 23 December, on the issuance of the National Identity Document and its electronic signature certificates.

  • To use an electronic DNI, certain hardware and software elements are necessary, as these will allow us to access the card chip and, therefore, to use the certificates included in same. 

  • On this section, the terms used on the Cl@ve website are defined.